Tuesday, July 11, 2006

LRAU/LUV Irwin Mitchell INFO

Guide to the Valencia property law scandal


The European Parliament and the UK press have condemned the Valencia property law situation whereby some owners find themselves victims of a "land grab" under the Valencian law known as the LRAU.

If you think that you have been adversely affected by the LRAU or the successor law, the LUV (or you have received a notification or are aware of circumstances which you believe amount to a direct threat that you may be affected) Irwin Mitchell may be able to assist you. For a Valencia property law case to be eligible for consideration, it must be lodged at the European Court of Human Rights within six months of a "Relevant Event". This is a critical time limit.

We have prepared a short online test designed to indicate whether you have a potential Valencia property law claim or not. Please click here to begin the test.


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